Waldo North Tour: Reporting out on the largest ER test project in the province

The Rocky Mountain Trench Natural Resources Society conducted a tour on June 24, 2015 with 30 natural resource managers, professionals and technical personnel from government agencies, the forest industry, First Nations, and NGOs from around the Columbia Basin.

The purpose was to review the results and recommendations of the Waldo North Grassland Restoration Pilot Project Monitoring Program.
The tour was hosted by the Rocky Mountain Trench Natural Resources Society and was presented by Tim Ross M.Sc., P. Ag. of Ross Range and Reclamation Services.

More info to follow.

North Waldo Report 2007
North Waldo Monitoring Report 2015
North Waldo Monitoring Report Summary 2015

The Trench Society was formed in 1996 by a coalition of hunters, ranchers and environmentalists working together to restore the Crown grasslands and open forests of the Rocky Mountain Trench. The Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration Program was launched by the B.C. Ministry of Forests and Range in 1998. The program operates on designated zones on Crown range units in the Trench, and is guided by a broad-based stakeholder Steering Committee which includes the Trench Society.