Wildlife trees (also known as snags) provide habitat for more than 70 British Columbia species of birds, amphibians and mammals - even bears! Prescriptions for ecosystem restoration treatments in the Trench always include measures to protect existing wildlife trees or to produce new ones. Learn about wildlife trees - what they mean to animals and how they can be created - in this photo presentation:

Enhancing Forest Structure - Wildlife Trees: Download PDF (5.7mb)

The rare Lewis's woodpecker, an at-risk species in BC, often nests in the same wildlife trees year after year. A favourite nesting location is right here in the East Kootenay. Learn about this interesting bird and what the ER Program is doing to protect its habitat in this photo story originally prepared for the 2010 Wings Over the Rockies birding festival:

Ecosystem Restoration: It's For the Birds! Download PDF (4.4mb)