Trench ER Research Library

The ER Research Library is a comprehensive collection of downloadable documents covering most aspects of ecosystem restoration in the Rocky Mountain Trench. See categories and sample keywords in the column at right. Most materials date from 1950 to the present, with a few maps dating from the 1930s and 1940s. Most of the Library's documents are directly concerned with the East Kootenay, although some relevant articles and studies from outside the region are included.The Library will be updated as often as new materials become available.

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Administration of British Columbia Ranges

Categories: Ecosystem Restoration, Planning

Author: Alastair McLean

Sponsor: BC Government, Environment and Land Use Committee

Date: 1974

Location: British Columbia

airport 1951

Categories: Photos, Airphotos

Author: BC Ministry of Forests & Range


Date: 1951

Location: TaTa Creek

airport 2005

Categories: Photos, Airphotos

Author: BC Ministry of Forests & Range


Date: 2005

Location: TaTa Creek

All Flesh is Grass: The Fuel that Sustains Elk

Categories: elk, understory vegetation,

Author: Don Gayton

Sponsor: Bugle magazine

Date: 2001

Location: North America

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Report Radium 1998-2007

Categories: air quality, monitoring

Author: Paul Willis, Catherine Pollock, Robert Newell

Sponsor: BC Ministry of Environment

Date: 2008

Location: Radium

An Assessment of Carrying Capacity in the Bugaboo-Spillimacheen, Bryanton & Sunny Bench-Fish Lakes R

Categories: range inventory,

Author: C.R. Smyth, J.A. Poriz

Sponsor: Invermere Forest District

Date: 1998

Location: East Kootenay


Categories: Range Inventory, Understory Vegetation

Author: RA Ellis, BD Irving, DA Westworth & Associates

Sponsor: Invermere Forest District

Date: 1996

Location: East Kootenay

An Assessment of Grazing Capacity in Findlay and Whitetail Pastures

Categories: range inventory,

Author: D.A. Westworth & Associates Ltd.

Sponsor: BC Forest Service

Date: 1994

Location: East Kootenay

An Ecological Study of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Winter Ranges in the East Kootenay Region of BC

Categories: Bighorn Sheep,

Author: Dennis A. Demarchi

Sponsor: Canadian Wildlife Service

Date: 1967

Location: East Kootenay

An Effectiveness Monitoring Plan for NDT4 Restoration in the East Kootenay Trench

Categories: monitoring, strategy, operations, planning,

Author: Marlene Machmer, Hillary Page, Chris Steeger, Pandion Ecological Research Ltd.

Sponsor: Habitat Branch Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Forest Renewal BC Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program

Date: 2002

Location: East Kootenay

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