A restored Trench landscape functioning at its ecological potential and thereby supporting: the native and historical matrix of trees, plants and animals; a sustainable forage resource for wild and domestic grazing ungulates; and the social, economic and cultural needs of stakeholders as they relate to the open range and open forests of the Trench.


[1] Progressively restore the designated 118,500 hectares of the Trench to an ecologically appropriate fire-maintenance condition by 2030, in accordance with tree stocking targets for open range and open forest sites.

[2] Maintain the restored 118,500 hectares in an open range or open forest condition in perpetuity.

The ER Program Steering Committee published its first strategic plan in 2000:
Blueprint for Action
(PDF 0.2mb)

This was followed in 2006 with a revised strategy and a progress report on the ER Program's first 8 years:
Blueprint for Action 2006 (PDF 3.3mb)
Executive Summary (PDF 0.4mb)

ER Program updates were published in 2010:
Newsletter ER Update 2006-2009
(PDF 0.7mb)

and 2011:

Restoration News Summer 2011

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