The Trench ER Program operates with a Five Year Plan that is updated annually to:

  • Prioritise potential projects within the 109,358 hectares managed for open range and open forest.
  • Lay out an orderly progression of treatments (prescription, logging/thinning, manual slashing and broadcast burning) for each project.
  • Meet requirements laid out by the Forest and Range Practices Act and the Kootenay Boundary Land Use Plan.
  • Develop annual plans and budgets for implementation.
  • Coordinate activities with 5 implementing partners.
  • Provide information to stakeholders (ranchers, forest licensees, communities, utilities, trappers, guide outfitters, water licensees and conservation programs) to allow them a chance for meaningful input and co-operation.
  • Share information with First Nations and accommodate their concerns.

The Five Year Plan includes:

  • Management objectives for 27 resources to be managed for each ER project (e.g. understory vegetation, timber, ungulate winter range, rare plant and animal species, invasive plants, wildlife trees, riparian areas, archaeology resources, cultural and heritage values, water quality, recreation and access management).
  • For each resource: a legal reference, discussion of factors to be considered, and a methodology of measuring or monitoring. Objectives, discussion and monitoring are included in all ER prescriptions and drive the operations of the program; operations are to be consistent with the plan.
  • A description of ER Program operations.
  • Maps of project areas: see maps
  • Tables showing area and details of each project summarised by project type (burn, log, slash, thin) and year of operation.
  • A synopsis of the referral process, responses from stakeholders and details of how the ER Program will deal with each issue raised. Issues are to be addressed in operations or subsequent discussions.
  • Timelines of the referral process, usually 60 days.
  • Approval by the District Manager, Rocky Mountain District, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

        Five Year Plan Update 2011-16: Download PDF 3.4MB

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